Smell of Camphor,
Fragrance of Jasmine

Directed by Bahman Farmanara
Viewed at the San Francisco International Film Festival

An Iranian director (Barmen Farmanara) tries his hand filmmaking after a twenty-year exile. He still mourns the death of his wife after five years and sees her ghost wandering the garden now and then.
He is nervous being in Iran again and a bit afraid of the authorities. He is assigned a new project: to do a documentary on Iranian burial ceremonies for Japanese television. He gathers his old associates, actors and technical crew and jokes that they will film his own funeral. But his recent series of heart attacks and very spooky nightmares may make him a prophet. Farmanara has a great comic sense… he's warm, relaxed, a little pudgy, well spoken… and has the wrong prayer shawl.

Reviewed by Eric Michel, FilmCities

Nowhere to Hide

Country: Iran
Year: 2000
Run Time: 93 minutes

Cast: Bahman Farmanara, Roya Nonahali, Reza Kianian, Valiyollah Shirandami, Hossein Kasbian

Producer: Morteza Shayeste
Editor: Abbas Ganjavi
Cinematographer: Mahmoud Kalari
Screenwriter: Bahman Farmanara