Center of the World
Directed by Wayne Wang

Viewed at the San Francisco International Film Festival

Center of the world, edge of the mind, walls of the heart…
In Wayne Wangs newest film (shot in DV) we are put in a unique position as voyeurs into the peep show that is Richard (Peter Skarsgaard) and Florence (Molly Parker). Richard a somewhat naïve twenty something pre-IPO millionaire programmer and Florence a twenty something rock drummer and stripper. Both shield their hearts in very different ways and yet are looking for the same thing: emotional honesty and maybe love. The look of digital video works to emphasize a surveillance camera feel. An illicit peak into their personal business. The fantasy that fueled the motivations, the facts that contradict them…creating a reality based on your imagination is a one-way ticket, since the character’s motivations are different: Florence wants the money Richard is offering for their three nights together in Vegas and Richard wants the love that he believes he has earned or paid for. A contract for protection becomes a prescription for erection in this very steamy and thoughtful effort.
Chalk up another win for digital video and Wayne Wang.

Reviewed by Eric Michel, FilmCities

Nowhere to Hide

Country: USA
Year: 2001
Run Time: 86 minutes

Cast: Peter Sarsgaard, Molly Parker, Carla Gugino

Producer: Peter Newman, Wayne Wang
Editor: Lee Percy
Cinematographer: Mauro Fiore
Screenwriter: Ellen Benjamin Wong